I have an old deck - do I have to remove it myself?

No, don’t worry about it. Our decking replacement service takes care of everything for you.

  • Our expert team will remove your old decking and fully prepare the area ready for your new Fitrite deck.
  • We will dispose of all waste responsibly, recycling everything we possibly can.

My Garden Isn’t Level – Is That a Problem?

Not at all, in fact an uneven area is often the reason why people choose decking – to make it more accessible and usable.

  • Our expert team will do all the groundwork necessary to ensure a suitable foundation for your new deck.
  • We will remove all waste and recycle everything we can.
  • We will build a subframe to accommodate any changes in ground levels and carry out any other works that our surveyor specifies, or that you request.

Why shouldn’t I just choose the cheapest composite?

The cheaper composites are made of a lower quality recycled uPVC and/or a WPVC mix and some may even have a rubber content (This isn’t good for fire provision and structural properties). They also do not include a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

Cheaper composites are not UV stable and will fade.

Why is a subframe important when it won't be visible?

Underneath decking boards sits a subframe – in the same way that floorboards sit on top of joists inside your house. A sturdy subframe is important for the stability and safety of any deck – even a low level one!

Traditionally decking sub frames are made from timber, which is treated with a preservative to help protect from the natural aging process and decay over time.

We can also provide the option of an aluminum subframe to provide total peace of mind that the hidden foundations of your decking will not deteriorate over time and remain completely maintenance free.

When do I Need Planning Permissions When Installing a Deck?

You need to take into account build regulations when installing a deck and whether or not they apply to the structure you wish to build. In some cases, you will need planning permissions before going ahead with a build, be it a terrace, patio, or deck installation. Note: For any property other than a house, planning permissions will always be required.


Circumstances where planning permissions are required:

  1. When deck or other is within 20 meters of a motorway
  2. If the structure is more than 30cm above ground
  3. If the build (plus other extensions) covers more than 50 percent of the garden area
  4. If the structure is intrusive/an invasion of privacy
  5. If the platform is attached to a listed building (meaning it was built before 1700’s)
  6. If it is in a conservation area or National Park Your deck or garden structure should be proportionate to the size of your property and garden in accordance to point three above. Neighbor objections are the biggest reason for building proposals being restricted or refused; so make sure to discuss your plans with your neighbors if you feel the structure could directly affect them. Also discuss with the Local Authority planning office.

When do Building Control Regulations Apply?

For every structure that requires planning permission, you should assume that building regulations apply. Property owners should check that planning regulations do not apply to their proposed structure, with the exception of ground level decks.

Will my Deck be Safe to Walk on After it Gets Wet?

Yes but a poorly maintained deck can become a slip hazard in wet conditions. The key factor in preventing slipperiness is to ensure that the deck surface is kept clean.

Decked surfaces should be brushed with a stiff broom frequently to keep the build up of organic matter (such as leaves) to a minimum and to give them a thorough clean once a year in spring or autumn using either a power spray washer or a proprietary deck cleaning product.


Can I Put Lights in my Deck?

Yes, there are large number systems available, the most popular being small up lighters that are recessed into the top surface of the boards. Lighting will often be fitted by the installers but connected by them. In some cases the lighting will be connected by an electrician.

Can I Put a Hot Tub on my Deck?

Yes you can, a concrete pad can be fitted with the hot tub lying on top of this. Then the decking will be built around the hottub. Another alternative way would be to have a substructure built that is strong enough to take 2 tonnes. There is always an option to have your hot tub fitted into or onto your decking.

How Long Will My Decking Last– What is the Warranty?

Depending on the substructure and the maintenance of the decking your decking should last longer than the manufacturer’s guarantee.

It is really important to keep up the maintenance and cleanliness of your decking. You can do this by keeping off any leaves/debris that fall onto your decking. Using a cleaner for your decking (see link below).

Composite Decking Cleaner

Newtech ultra shield naturals have 25 years of warranty. Newtech wood essentials have a 10 years guarantee.